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Mycryo Cocoa Butter - 550 g
Mycryo Cocoa Butter - 550 g

Mycryo Cocoa Butter - 550 g

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Mycryo® is 100% pure cocoa butter in powder form.

• Pure vegetable – 100% natural! (a noble fat ideal for frying)

• Mycryo® is obtained through the cryogenisation of cocoa butter (freezing at very low temperature), an entirely natural process

• Resists high temperatures perfectly (up to 200°C)

• Cool storage recommended: 12-18°C

• Gives better and healthier frying results than other frying fats such as olive oil, butter...

• Great for use in: stir fry, wok, grill, etc.


How to use Mycryo® ?

1. Sprinkle Mycryo® on a working surface or in a bowl (mixed with seasoning if desired). You can also keep it in a sprinkler (mixed with seasoning).

2. Coat the uncooked ingredients (meat, fish or vegetables) with Mycryo®. You can keep the ingredients in the fridge until you need them.

3. Fry in a dry, hot pan without addition of other baking fat.

4. Ready to serve!

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