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Large Round Chocolate Tart Shells 3.15" (Pack of 72)

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  • FRENCH PATISSERIE STYLE TART SHELLS: Cambie's tart shells are crafted in the spirit of a classic French tart shell - buttery sweet, rich in cocoa flavor, crisp, and delicious. Cambie's tart shells are ready to use and fill with your favorite filling - ganaches, fillings, butters, and much more. Create professional style desserts that resemble what you'd find in a beautiful French Patisserie. 
  • CREATE PROFESSIONAL DESSERTS WITH EASE: Cambie's tart shells are perfect for those looking to impress their guests without going through the hassle of tedious dessert making. Whether you're an owner of a café, bakery, restaurant, catering company - or simply looking to impress at home guests - Cambie's tart shells make dessert presentations a breeze. 
  • LARGE, ROUND & SWEET: These tart shells are round in shape & large. The diameter is 80mm (3.15") and contains 12 tart shells per tray, 6 layers high for a total of 72 tart shells per box. These tart shells have a decadent chocolate taste and are made with only the best quality ingredients.
  • CHOCOLATE COATED: Our tart shells are coated in a thin layer of white chocolate couverture. This additional step sets us apart from other tart shells as the base of chocolate prevents the tart from becoming soggy. The tart shell stays firm and holds it's shape - absorbing just enough of the filling flavor to make your dessert creations absolutely perfect.
  • REDUCE LABOR & ERROR: Cambie's tart shells help your operations reduce wasted labor and also reduce human error. Kitchens are busy and desserts can be a tedious after-thought. Remove the guesswork, reduce human error, and streamline your dessert making with Cambie's tart shells. Consistently impeccable flavor and consistent quality.

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